3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vietnamese

Everyone around you is telling you to try Vietnamese food, but maybe you're not convinced yet. Fear not - here are 3 reasons why you should, aside from the fact that it's plain delicious. 

Vietnamese food is comforting. 

Think about it: steaming hot bowls of fresh noodles in an aromatic broth, served with an assortment of tender meats and fragrant herbs. What could be better on a cold winter's day, or when you're feeling down? You'll even get the best of both worlds: Vietnam's famous noodle soups not only make you feel better in the moment - they won't bring on the crushing guilt from indulging in more traditional comfort foods either (see reason #2). 

At OoLaLa, we've got you covered when you're looking for some feel-good food. Try any of our 11 kinds of noodle soups (pho), from the OoLaLa! Special to the Spicy or Beef Stew. We're sure you'll leave feeling better (and fuller) than when you came in.  

It's also really healthy. 

Where to begin? Vietnamese cuisine is full of low-fat, low-calorie, and gluten-free dishes - not because there's anything scientifically engineered or modified, but because that's just the way it's always been. Most traditional dishes are oil, dairy, and wheat-free, instead relying on rice flour, spices, herbs, fresh fruit and vegetables to bring about rich flavors. Check out the Huffington Post's coverage for more details on why Vietnamese food is so healthy.

OoLaLa has plenty of genuinely healthy options that won't make you feel like you're compromising taste: our sandwiches can be turned into wraps and our summer rolls and vermicelli salad are just as light. We've also got some delicious vegetarian options. 

Photography by Tam Ho

Photography by Tam Ho


It puts a unique spin on the (non-Vietnamese) dishes you already love. 

Vietnamese food might be Southeast Asian cuisine, but you'd be surprised at how similar it can be to some of the more familiar things you love. For example, the banh mi, a sandwich crafted with a Vietnamese twist, has been around since the French occupied Vietnam in the late 1800s, where they introduced the baguette and mayonnaise to local people. Let's be honest - who doesn't love a good sandwich? And you can't dub yourself a coffee lover until you try Vietnamese coffee, which is sweetened with condensed milk. 

At OoLaLa, we serve several varieties of banh mi and we have our own special blend of Vietnamese coffee. We've also got some killer chicken wings - with a twist, of course. 

Now listen to us - and your friends - and try some Vietnamese food!

Photography by Leo Yu

Photography by Leo Yu